Solutions Development Center (SDC) 

Product Management is a key practice for startups who aspire to compete in the current challenging business scenarios. They typically work to creating engaging experiences using deep consumer/user insights.

Product Owner Main Responsibilities

  • Define a broad, ​innovative vision.​
  • Generate and maintain a thoughtful roadmap.
  • A tech/design partnership​​.
  • Heavy data-oriented user and thinker.
  • Gather user knowledge from several sources.
  • Generate detailed stories/flows/use cases and dependencies.​


The Product Owner works close with the business to understand main objectives and define technology solutions that made those goals possible.

Key Product Owner Practices:

  • Continuous product definition.
  • Backlog management and grooming.
  • Backlog prioritization.
  • Competitors Analysis.
  • Produce Functional Specs.