IT Assessments

   Agile Production

At our organization, we specialize in conducting comprehensive IT application assessments that delve deep into the intricacies of your technology infrastructure.

Our primary goal is to identify and address any existing tech debts that may hinder the efficiency and effectiveness of your systems.

To achieve this, we employ a meticulous approach that covers a wide range of areas including architecture, code quality metrics, best practices, documentation, security, performance optimization, compliance (such as PCI), and licensing.

Areas Covered

Architecture, Code (Metrics), Best Practices, Documentation, Security, Performance, Compliance (e.g., PCI), Licenses.

Tools Used

SonarQube, CodeScan, Apex PMD, and others.

Evaluation Areas

Architecture, Code Quality Metrics, Best Practices, Documentation, Security, Performance, Compliance (e.g., PCI), Licenses.

Assessment Process

Thorough examination of IT applications, analysis of architecture, codebase assessment, evaluation of documentation, security assessment, performance optimization, compliance review, license evaluation.


Identify tech debts, offer actionable recommendations, enhance efficiency, meet compliance requirements, improve overall performance.


Comprehensive knowledge and expertise in IT assessments.


Optimization of technology infrastructure.

To ensure the most accurate and comprehensive analysis, we leverage state-of-the-art analyzers such as SonarQube, CodeScan, Apex PMD (Salesforce), and various other cutting-edge tools. These advanced analyzers enable us to perform in-depth inspections of your codebase, pinpointing any potential weaknesses or areas for improvement.

Our assessment process involves a thorough examination of your IT applications, scrutinizing their architecture to identify any flaws or inefficiencies. We meticulously analyze the codebase, assessing its quality metrics and adherence to industry best practices. Moreover, we thoroughly evaluate the documentation to ensure it is comprehensive and up-to-date, enabling seamless knowledge transfer within your organization.

Security is a paramount concern for any modern business, and our assessments focus on identifying potential vulnerabilities and suggesting robust security measures. We assess your system’s performance, identifying potential bottlenecks and recommending optimizations to enhance overall efficiency.

Furthermore, our assessments address compliance requirements such as PCI to ensure your systems meet the necessary standards. We meticulously examine licenses to ensure compliance with relevant regulations and avoid any legal or operational complications.

By conducting these thorough assessments, we provide you with a comprehensive overview of your IT applications, highlighting areas for improvement and offering actionable recommendations. Our expertise and cutting-edge tools enable us to deliver precise and valuable insights, empowering you to make informed decisions and enhance the overall performance and security of your technology infrastructure.