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Software development is a complex process that requires the proper use of various technologies, methodologies, business-oriented model, to understand the needs of an organization, as well as it should be product-oriented to produce successful solutions appreciated by its users.

Today, all organizations require from their technology areas, the effective delivery of high-tech solutions in even shorter periods of times. Solutions that need to coexist harmoniously in a growing technology platform. At the same time, there are multiple and changing technologies to be used to deliver solutions in different channels; web, mobile, IVR, etc.

Technology areas are subdued to different pressures and results are their ultimate goal. For this, they require strong allies in technologies and practices that accompany them in the fulfillment of their challenges.

SDC (Solutions Development Center) is the software factory model that DBAccess has launched over than 10 years ago and it has evolved into a mature and effective service model, recognized by our customers.

A SDC is formed by a team of specialized professionals in various disciplines of software engineering. In addition, they are organized in a PRT (Project Realization Team) to meet each project.

The PRT is our basic unit of projects structure. Each specialist professional in a discipline, is assigned by the competence center of the discipline, which ensures the level of results and staff training. Each competence center has an ongoing research line of the technologies and practices in their area.

Our quality certifications guarantee our methodology and our execution. At the same time our organizational culture has built a GPTW (Great Place to Work) organization that in practice translates into motivation of our employees and low turnover rates.

We have SDCs that have effectively responded to our clients for a decade, renewing annually, the capacity to provide a varied portfolio of technological projects. Our clients are in diverse industries such as banking, insurance, manufacturing, services, telecommunications, and mining.

We are looking for long-term relationships with all our customers, in order to offer them an even greater efficiency ranging from the know-how of their processes to their technologies. All these, with the purpose of reducing learning curves cost and gaining efficiency in relations established between our teams and our clients’.