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DBAccess has also served the enterprise market building their core systems for more than 30 years, including several Fortune 1,000 companies.


Innovation that adds value to your business.

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DBAccess has founded and accelerated high potential companies.


DBAccess helps startups in building their innovative products using cutting edge technologies and industry state of the art practices. DBAccess has also served the enterprise market building their core systems for more than 30 years, including several Fortune 1,000 companies.

Work with a team of specialized engineers with a known delivery model. Our competence center makes available the disciplines that you require according to the stage of development. Our extensive experience in Agile means that we can propose solutions focused on the client and on the evolution of software products through iterative processes and continuous improvement

time zone coVERAGE

Working in overlapping time zones with Eastern, Central and Pacific Time zones. By sharing similar time zones, nearshore operating models provide real time communication and collaboration, leading to higher quality, lower cost, and higher collaborative satisfaction.

Realtime interactions

Delivery model and relationship that work with real time interactions.


DBAccess has been working a near shore operating model for the past 26 years while adopting modern ways of working and serving customers in Canada, USA, and Europe.

Ease of doing business

Low Visa requirements, friendly relationships with USA government, plentiful telecommunications, access top modern facilities and western culture.

travel and culture

Compared to Offshore travel and Asian cultural differences, this is one of the largest differentiators.  A trip to Mexico or Peru or Argentina maintains similar time zone and can be done within the working week.  It is also more secure and welcome by team members.

Labor costs and availability

With average rates that are half to a third of the US tech labor market and abundance of university and other talent, Latin America has become a hot talent pool since 2016.  This includes resources with Java, JavaScript, Kubernetes, advanced analytics, machine learning and modern cloud native development.




The Paxer Network of Independent Professional Hosts helps boost your direct sales by promoting the reservations of the accommodations that that are part of it.


Learnsity is a trademark of Learnsity LLC that is a company specialized in learning technology established in Florida, USA.


Sigo is the inclusive auto insurance provider for immigrants and the working class.


Struxtion is the first online financial solution built specifically for Subcontractors, providing access to the money you need to do your job.


Web platform that transforms cities into smart communities.


Develop functional orthopedic systems, adapted to the needs and capacities of each person, through 3d printing of prostheses.


The Social Network in which professionals know their skills, through the feedback of their colleagues, and make better decisions on their career path.


Provider of medical staffing related services. The company is a provider of contract, per diem, travel and temp-to-perm nursing staffing services to healthcare facilities in Illinois, United States.

Enterprise market


Development bank clearing solutions. Diagnosis Architecture. Upkeep of the applications that manage debit and credit cards transactions of the bank.


Technology solutions for different areas of the insurance business to its offices in Chicago and London.


Consulting solutions architecture, standards definition and reference architectures for applications.


Development of the system that manages and controls the production process of cement plants in the organization.


Enabling Solutions Development Center (SDC) for the maintenance of the applications portfolio of various areas of the bank.


Service application development platform for Internet Banking.


Development of technology solutions for its main business lines, fixed telephony, cable television, mobile telephony and business services.


Self-management solutions for the Human Resources area.


Enabling Solutions Development Center (SDC) for the management of a project portfolio that caters the business areas of sales, collection, transport and services.


Maintenance and expansion of newsgathering platform and business intelligence.


Development of the web and mobile platform for the registration and follow-up of Aspergillosis nationwide.


Diagnosis and designs of the target architecture of the technology platform.


ERP version migration to the core operation of the company MAVESA.


Enabling Solutions Development Center (SDC) for the development of the operational system of the organization in the areas of sales, shipping, distribution, services, workshops, administration and finance.


Enabling Solutions Development Center (SDC) for the maintenance of the applications portfolio of various areas of the company.


Enabling Solutions Development Center (SDC) for the development of the learning management application.

value proposITION

With limited time and budget, startups need to be effective, avoid rework and waste.  Pivot opportunities must not be viewed as cost events.  DBAccess offers the leadership and operating model that better fits the co-creation of the startups.

All organizations require from their technology areas, the effective delivery of high-tech solutions in even shorter periods of times. DBAccess represents a strong ally in technology and practices that accompany them in meeting their challenges.

Services for Startups

Use your budget smart, operating from locations with competitive rates. Coordinating with near shore model operating in the same time zone and just 4-6 hours away from the US.

Experience in defining revenue streams and go to market strategies.

Ability to convert part of the costs into participation.

Services for Enterprise Market

Ability to serve a varied portfolio of technology projects in various industries such as banking, insurance, manufacturing, services, telecommunications and mining.

SDC (Solutions Development Center) is the software factory model that DBAccess has launched over than 10 years ago and it has evolved into a mature and effective service model, recognized by our customers.

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why dbaccess?

In 2018, the global software engineer population reached 21 million with over a million coming from Latin America.

Latin America has the second strongest growth in global developer population.

10% of the global services market is covered by Latin-American outsourcing companies.

21 Latin American Universities vs 9 Indian in top 500 global ranking.

During the 2020 Covid pandemic, 54% of Indian companies were not ready to shift to remote work, lacking enough technology and resources for employees to work from home.

With 62% of traffic over fixed broadband and +20Mb bandwidth on main countries, LATAM find itself in better position to shift to remote work after Covid pandemic.


DBAccess offers a clear operating model with defined practices to ensure quality and productivity. It is about having uniform and consistent ways of working thus increasing the predictability of deliverables. All on top of secure and reliable infrastructure.

Agile Production

The team will work according using agile methods, performing SCRUM ceremonies using default 2-week sprints (Sprint timeframe can be adjusted according to the maturity of cards and Product Roadmap). These ceremonies guarantee focus, visibility of deliverables and awareness of productivity and results.

Product Management

Product Management is a key practice for startups who aspire to compete in the current challenging business scenarios. They typically work to creating engaging experiences using deep consumer/user insights.

Solutions Development Center (SDC)

SDC (Solutions Development Center) is the software factory model that DBAccess has launched over than 10 years ago and it has evolved into a mature and effective service model, recognized by our customers.

User Experience

Product conceptualization comprises creative actions; from the identification of the characteristics of a solution, through the use of natural comparisons or common objects, to the open specification of interaction models that define the experience of using the product.

Continuous Delivery

Continuous Delivery is a fundamental competence to evolve fast, increase productivity and guarantee service levels. Through this discipline companies reduce change risks and guarantee up time.


The technics can be varied and go from standard phishing targeted to company employees to sophisticated hacker exploits.


If your organization is in any of these situations, then the software architecture discipline has the potential to add much value.

Quality Assurance and Testing

In DBAccess we implement quality assurance processes that ensure the correctness of the software through various types of assessments: unit-testing; functional testing; security testing; performance testing; concurrency testing, and usability testing.

Continuing Education and Training

We want our customers to mature continuously in their practices, so we make a continuous technology transfer.

 Awards and Certifications


We have been recognized on numerous occasions by GPTW Institute as a great company to work at in Latin America. We have been, twice, in the Latin American top 25.


Certified according to the CMM model (Capability Maturity Model) since 2005.


Case Study of DBAccess Self-Determining Teams. The prestigious firm published a case study based on our team management practices.

ISO 9001

Case Study of DBAccess Self-Determining Teams. The prestigious firm published a case study based on our team management practices.

15 Latinamerican Most Innovative Companies

Selected by Florida International University as one of the 15 most innovative companies in Latin America.


Latin America has become a hot destination for US companies looking to outsource digital product development. Geographically closer and tighter cultural compatibility. 

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